The EVOLUTION paddles a dream and catches waves easily in all surf conditions without sacrificing maneuverability or pace. The curvy outline gives it more of a versatile path on the wave with looseness on the face allowing you to surf off the back of the board and really drive your turns. Imagine a Mini mal with a pulled in nose & tail plus its 4inches shorter. The side rails moving into the tail has a slight pinch giving you a more of a lively and responsive ride. The rocker on this board has a slight kick in the nose for easy entry, while the flattish central zone tapers off to a generous thumb tail with a finishing kick for easy turning. This board is set up with a thruster fin configuration.

As the name suggests if your choosing this board to develop your surfing from any level, especially off a longboard or Mini mal, your going to experience an Evolution in your surfing.

The Evolution is a great surfboard and directed at any level of surfer on any given day and mostly aimed at small to medium sized waves, but if you feel like going big your still in the game. Fun times and surfing rhymes somewhere between 6'4 and 7'0.