If you want to feel like your owning it out there on any given day words like..... simple, fun, easy to ride, wave catching machine, floats me, paddles easy, easy to turn, a board I can duckdive ....all these points spring to mind.

We've cut and polished a design that ticked all the boxes. Its a funtime and your gonna feel like a local...yes your owning it.

A bold and fluid shape that is full bodied but short. A relatively flat rocker allowing easy paddle and quick wave catching. A pulled in tail to squash that allows turns, pumps, flow and joy...with enough float to let you jam it. A nose shape that gets you in to the good times and out if the bad, not your high performance nose picker by any means, but happy to fly with any given waves.

Yup we're pretty proud of 'theLOCAL' and for sure you'll need surf one...

you'll only know if you go and if you go often you'll become 'a local'


The Local
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