Who we are

A team that loves to create

Jack Browne surfboards embodies the  spirit of surfing past and present. We believe the best surfer out there is the one having the most fun.

Our team has spent years refining the best traveling quiver of the waves of the world and we believe we have the best go to surfboard collection today. We don't pay attention to the high performance world of surfing, we just ride a lot of waves with the biggest smile on our dial and chase the good times.

We create handcrafted shapes of distinction and our collaboration of master shapers and full time surfers create each proven shape with with genuine surfing soul. That is why our shapes are purely aimed at fun, maximum wave catching and getting the most out of every session surfing.

Owning a Jack Browne surfboard is like owning a magic carpet.



What we do

Keep it simple

We build surfboards that you, me and Jack want to ride. Everyday we work on what makes our boards the go-to board in your quiver.

We build our boards in South Africa where the waves are plenty and rich. By looking at typical waves of any given day and any given coastline, we develop boards that help muster the most of any session.

Jack Browne surfboards are built by our tight knit talent pool of well-traveled master shapers and industry surfers. Our wealth of knowledge allows us to develop and build modern shapes from yesterdays classics for today's surfer.

Jack Browne surfboards is not in the business of the ever pressing competitive nature of surfing's high performance. We are in the business of ....YOH...YEEWEE...what a session.